EXEL Industries Group / Sames Kremlin

Making Manufacturers More Competitive.

Sames Kremlin (2017) formorly Kremlin, Sames, and Rexson equipment merged into one company under the Sames Kremlin brand which presents to you the widest range of controlled application equipment in the world including liquid finishing, powder coating, two-components materials, sealants, adhesives, and lubricants, targeting the wood industry, general industry, non-automotive rolling vehicles, and Tier 1 and 2 Automotive.

With new technologies such as the high performance Flowmax technology and SuperQuiet air motor designs, Sames Kremlin has led the way in pump innovations.

Airmix brings to you the most efficient manual production spray technology in the world with a 30 year track record of serving thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Sames Kremlin offers manual airspray guns with outstanding finish quality.

The airmix technology substantially reduces coating usage, booth maintenance, and product rejects, providing a world class finish and demand high application transfer efficiency.


Sames Kremlin is a global leader in powder application equipment. Whether the application is simple or complex, the company has the right gun for the application.

Rexson extrusion brings to the sealant and adhesive market both standard and custom solutions to maximize uptime and productivity.



Sames Kremlin extremely wide range of automatic finishing equipment offers all the tools necessary to deliver the optimum system for your finishing needs. Whether you are doing small parts like golf balls, larger more complex parts such as automotive or aerospace parts, Sames Kremlin has the best solution for you.


Colmet provides industrial paint booths to meet your spray finishing requirements.


IST features the most efficient process to safely recycle solvents and other hazardous chemicals of which a 95% recycling rate can be accomplished.

Branson Ultrasonics

Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners – faster, more consistent, and safer than any other method. They use engineered ceramics, coupled with a sweep frequency capability to provide the best possible cleaning for your finishing guns and parts.